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Camp Discovery

Camp Discovery is a four-day, day-only, science camp for students entering grades 1-3. Campers are engaged in fun learning activities and outdoor recreation Monday – Thursday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. They are bussed to the Montana Learning Center from a Helena location. Campers experience exciting science adventures while enjoying our beautiful lakeside environment on Canyon Ferry Lake.

The cost of the camp is $300 for the four days. This includes transportation to and from the center, lunch, snacks and all camp-related materials.

2020 Camp Dates & Adventures:

June 22nd – 25th – Doodlebug Art Adventure – Enrollment Closed
June 29th – July 2nd – Color in Nature – Cancelled
July 6th – 9th – Water Wonders – Enrollment Closed
July 13th – 16th – Singing with the Rain – Enrollment Closed
July 20th – 23rd – Doodlebug Art Adventure – Enrollment Closed
July 27th – 30th – Water Wonders – Enrollment Filled
August 3rd – 6th – Color in Nature
August 10th – 13th – Sing to the Stars

Everybody has fun at camp discovery


Water Wonders
Canyon Ferry Lake is the perfect location to experience the wonders of water.

This camp will focus on the power of water and all of its magic. Campers will interact with water to build, play and create while learning the vital role water plays on Earth. Students will learn about science and engineering by building bridges, diverting waterways in watershed models and experimenting with water cycles. They will discover some of the residents of the lake itself, both big and small.

Plan to have fun and learn all about water this summer.


Color in Nature
Now you see it, now you don’t.

In this camp, students will explore the colors of nature through various science experiments and art projects. We will draw our inspiration from the camp environment around us to explore topics from rainbows to camouflage. The week will be filled with hands-on opportunities to create, test, and explore.

Come join us this summer and discover the ever-changing and magical colors of nature.


Singing with the Rain
This camp combines art and science in a musical exploration. Campers will travel with the clouds to find a special barometer in an exciting musical play. “The Weather Show” teaches campers about different weather phenomena through the storytelling of Dr. Emma. She faces all kinds of climatic obstacles (most of whom sing!)—threatening clouds, competing air masses, the Wind sisters, and a shower of cats and dogs. Questions about evaporation, cumulo nimbus and precipitation will be asked and answered in this creative environment.

Students will enjoy singing, dancing and acting and get excited about atmospheric science all in one camp.


Doodlebug Art Adventure
At this camp, students combine their observation skills with a hands-on approach to art outdoors. Campers will gain a solid understanding of drawing and learn about other fun and messy techniques including watercolor, pen & ink, clay sculpture, acrylics, silk screening, paint pours and batik painting. Observing the world around them during nature walks, students will see shapes, sunlight, reflections, shadows and color. Suddenly everyone sees things with observing eyes, and the artist emerges with tools and knowledge to challenge their curiosity.

Learning continues after camp with instructor Lindi’s “Doodlebug Booklet” with art tips and challenges to take home and try.


Sing to the Stars
Campers will take a journey to the stars, moon, and sun through an exciting musical play.

 “Patterns in the Sky: Sun, Moon, and Stars” will teach them about the patterns in the sky and basic scientific observation. They will join with some goofy characters for singing, acting and dancing lessons. Students will discover how orbits work, why we have seasons and where the sun goes at night. They will gain other skills including improved reading comprehension, performance and music skills, class camaraderie and teamwork.

 Campers who attend will enjoy a fun and creative experience they will never forget!

“This was my boys’ first year at MLC…both boys had a wonderful time at camp…with many great experiences and amazing opportunities. Both boys give this camp two thumbs up and say it is a MUST for all youth ! Thank you to all of you who were an integral part of this experience for my children and best of wishes in the future! The boys will be returning next year.”

- Parent of Campers

Hands on learning with nature

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