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| May 23, 2020 |

Montana Learning Center is moving forward with
summer camps for 2020!

Dear Parent and/or Guardian,

We are pleased to share the news that we are moving forward with offering our learning camps for kids this summer! As of now, we have spaces available in almost each of our camps. Registration has closed on only a few of our camps, and our website is being updated as camps fill.

We have been receiving a lot of questions regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our summer camps. We are addressing several of those questions in our latest news release, please click on the link below to read more.

| May 2020 |

See Big Sky Country LIVE 24/7 from Anywhere Around the World Thanks to the Montana Learning Center

Montana Learning Center recently added an all-sky camera to the astronomy resources located at its facility on Canyon Ferry Lake, just outside Helena, the capital of Montana.

“The Montana Learning Center’s all-sky camera provides a 180-degree view of the sky and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as the viewer has an Internet connection,” Ryan Hannahoe, the Center’s Executive Director, said. “This is exciting because it allows viewers to enjoy Big Sky Country from wherever they are living.”

These days, the night sky across most urban and suburban sections of the world is filled with diffuse light that shines up, versus down on the ground where it belongs. This “light pollution” makes it hard to see the stars at night. But the night sky at the Learning Center has almost no light pollution due to the Learning Center’s relatively rural location, allowing the stars to dominate the night sky and even offering views of aurora borealis from time to time.

| May 2020 |

Montana Learning Center’s Executive Director facilitates comment letter to Governor Bullock’s Coronavirus Task Force on behalf of nonprofits providing children’s summer camps

At the request of the Montana Nonprofit Association, Ryan Hannahoe, Executive Director of the Montana Learning Center, recently reached out to Montana nonprofits that provide summer camps and other educational enhancement programs for children regarding their needs in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their input was summarized in a letter prepared by Ryan and his team and signed by 19 nonprofits from across Montana. The letter was provided to Governor Bullock’s Coronavirus Task Force as part of the Task Force’s solicitation of public comments on ways to use the funds Montana received from the federal government under the CARES Act to help mitigate the financial fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The letter expressed the signing nonprofits’ hope that they will be able to provide their planned summer programming for children and described what the nonprofits would need to do that. The letter requested clear, yet flexible, science-based guidance on cleaning, screening and staged reopening protocols; funding for various expenses the nonprofits would be incurring as a result of the pandemic; and changes in workers compensation eligibility guidelines so that staff members who contract the virus at work qualify for workers compensation benefits.

You can read the letter the nonprofits sent to the Task Force by clicking on the button below and see Ryan’s interview with MTN News here.

| April 2020 |

Montana Learning Center joins Skynet, the international robotic telescope network based at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Opportunities to explore the universe from the comfort of home and classroom have never been easier or more exciting.

A new partnership between the Montana Learning Center, located at Canyon Ferry Lake, just outside of Helena, Montana, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, will bring into focus faint stars and galaxies, and distant smudges of color from clouds of gas and dust found deep in space.

This partnership will allow students and teachers who participate in the Montana Learning Center’s programs to access prominent observatories around the world, such as the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile, Siding Springs Observatory in Australia and Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia.

“Being a part of the Skynet Robotic Telescope Network through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill allows us to be on an international stage,” said Ryan Hannahoe, Executive Director of the Montana Learning Center. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to serve not only students and teachers from across Montana, but also students and teachers around the world.”

| March 2020 |

Montana Learning Center is excited to announce its Inaugural Big Sky Star Festival coming this July

Come mid-July, Montana’s awe-inspiring night sky will be center stage at the Montana Learning Center’s inaugural Big Sky Star Festival. The two-night and three-day event, this coming July 17, 18 and 19, will be held at the Montana Learning Center’s campus at Canyon Ferry Lake, near Helena, Montana.

 Astronomy experts from across the nation will be there to share expertise and experiences. The highlight of each evening will be the viewing of planets, galaxies and nebulae through the Montana Learning Center’s 25-inch telescope.

 “As home to the largest public-use observatory in Montana, we are thrilled to be offering this opportunity to bring people from all walks of life together to celebrate the beauty of the night sky,” said Ryan Hannahoe, Executive Director of the Montana Learning Center.

| January 2020 |

The Montana Learning Center Launches Research-grade Remote Telescope for Students and Teachers

With a click of a computer mouse, science teachers nationwide will soon be able to open a window for students to explore the wonders of the night sky.

The distant light of galaxies, star clusters and nebulae will become part of students learning and doing research through free online training offered to science teachers by the Montana Learning Center, located at Canyon Ferry Lake outside of Helena.

This training will allow teachers to use the Montana Learning Center’s 16-inch research-grade Ritchey-Chretien telescope for classroom projects and to also train students in the telescope’s use.

| October 2019 |

The Montana Learning Center to host NASA’s ROADS on Mars Student Challenge for Montana. Registration now open.

NASA’s ROADS (Rover Observation and Drone Survey) on Mars Challenge, a program by the Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline that’s based at the University of Washington in Seattle, seeks to engage students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEAM). This program parallels NASA’s Mars 2020 effort and pays tribute to the heroism of the Apollo 13 astronauts and the vision of human exploration of the solar system.

The competition consists of three parts and examines how water may have shaped some of the landscape of Mars, a search for methane gas that could help indicate the presence of past life and lastly the use of a drone and rover to survey an official map of the Mars landscape and collect specimens.

Students in grades 3 through 12 may enter the ROADS on Mars Challenge.

| September 2019 |

Timothy Ferris, world-renowned author and producer of the Golden Record on board the Voyager Spacecraft, makes landmark donation to the Montana Learning Center

Timothy Ferris, who traces his fascination with the night sky to his childhood in rural Florida, is helping children today cultivate the same passion.

Ferris, 75, who was the producer of the Golden Record on board the Voyager Spacecraft, the author of more than a dozen books, and an editor of “Rolling Stone,” is donating a Byers Series III robotic telescope mount to the Montana Learning Center.  This high-end equipment will help share the cosmos with students and teachers who come to the Helena area campus to learn about astronomy.

The Montana Learning Center currently has two observatories and is working on plans to construct a third.

| August 2019 |

Montana Learning Center to Host Dark Sky Conference

Beginning on Sept. 27, the Montana Learning Center in partnership with the Montana Chapter of the International Dark Sky Association will offer an opportunity to view the brilliance of the cosmos during the 2019 Montana Dark Sky Conference & Star Party.

“Astronomy is one of the many sciences that anyone can be a part of,” Hannahoe said. “You can go outside, look up and be overwhelmed with the vastness of Montana’s starry skies.”

The conference and star party, which concludes on Sunday, Sept. 29, will be held at the Montana Learning Center campus, 7653 Canyon Ferry Road, which is located just outside of Helena. Registration is $25 for adults and $10 for students. Children will be required to be accompanied by an adult.

| June 2019 |

Join us for a celebration with the stars on July 6 at the Montana Learning Center!!!

Nebulae, galaxies, and all that grace Montana’s night sky will be on display at the Mike and Lynn Rice Astronomical Park at the Montana Learning Center, 7653 Canyon Ferry Road.

The Montana Learning Center has been offering summer science camps for kids and teacher trainings since the 1980s! 

You are invited to join the public grand opening for the Mike and Lynn Rice Astronomical Park. Tours of the observatory complex will begin at 9 p.m.

The highlight of the evening’s events will be viewing the night sky through the Montana Learning Center’s 25-inch telescope, the largest public-use telescope in Montana. The light of distant stars, planets, and galaxies will be brought to you in brilliant color.

| May 2019 |

Clancy’s awarding-winning science teacher, Ryan Hannahoe, will become the full-time executive director of the Montana Learning Center

Hannahoe will start as the center’s full-time director on June 1, 2019. His work will allow the Montana Learning Center, located at Canyon Ferry Lake outside of Helena, to further its mission of providing and promoting quality immersion experiences for all in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics in a unique lakeside setting.

To help support his position at the Montana Learning Center, Hannahoe has been awarded a Montana Space Grant Consortium Faculty Fellowship.

Prior to receiving the fellowship, Hannahoe shared his time between teaching science in Clancy and as the Montana Learning Center’s executive director – a position he has held since 2016.

| January 2019 |

The Montana Learning Center has been selected by NASA to host the Apollo 50th Next Giant Leap Student Challenge for Montana.

The Montana Learning Center, located at Canyon Ferry Lake outside of Helena, has been chosen as one of 14 institutions nationwide as regional hubs for Apollo 50th Next Giant Leap Student Challenge, a competition for middle school and high school students. The aeronautics, engineering and robotics competition is hosted by NASA and the Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline, a collaborative K-12 education effort based at the University of Washington in Seattle.

“The Montana Learning Center at Canyon Ferry Lake is known across the state as a premier center for kids’ camps and teacher training that are STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) based. Being a hub for the NASA challenge shines a national light on our nonprofit, our programs and the good work that we do,” said Ryan Hannahoe, executive director of the Montana Learning Center.

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