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Camp Innovations is a five-day, overnight camp for students entering grades 7-9. Students arrive on Sunday afternoon and leave Thursday afternoon. They are engaged in exciting science activities and recreation. Camps feature offsite field trips and tours in the Canyon Ferry Lake area and beyond.

The cost of the camp is $550 for all five days (room and board included).


2021 Camp Dates & Adventures:

June 20th – 24th – Crime Scene Investigation – Enrollment Filled

June 27th – July 1st – The Mother Zombie – Enrollment Closed

July 11th – 15th – Montana Treasures – Enrollment Filled

July 18th – 22nd – All-Girls STEM Camp – Enrollment Filled

July 25th – 29th – Flight Squad – Enrollment Filled

August 1st – 5th – The Wonder of Science – Enrollment Filled

August 8th – 12th – Visualize It 3D – Enrollment Closed

Exploring geology in a fun and engaging way


Crime Scene Investigation
Do you have the skills to be a scientific sleuth?

If you enjoy solving riddles and piecing together puzzles to solve a mystery, this is the camp for you. This forensic camp is an active week where mystery meets science. Campers will use a variety of tools and techniques, including DNA fingerprinting, to analyze data and answer some big questions. You also will learn about real-life skills used in crime scene investigative work.

The Canyon Ferry Lake Detectives would like to welcome you to their team!

The Mother Zombie
We need your help to find and destroy the “Mother” Zombie infecting the area.  

Your mission is to track down the Mother Zombie from the secluded base provided to you and your team. The Mother Zombie doesn’t exhibit any Zombie signs or symptoms and appears to be normal and human, so you’ll need to develop your forensic skills to find and defeat the Mother Zombie.

Mass hordes could take us over unless we act quickly. Hurry and join camp today!


Montana Treasures
Come to the Montana Learning Center to embark on an adventure of geologic proportions.

Students will take field trips and dig for Montana agates and quartz crystals. They also will have the opportunity to pan for garnets and sapphires. Campers will learn basic rock and mineral classification and apply what they learn while out in the field. Professional geologists will accompany campers throughout the week.

Come join us this summer as we dig for Montana Treasures.

“I liked the camp because the kids were nice, the chaperones were cool and the activities were awesome! I especially liked the field trips and we found so many unique rocks! The reason I would go back is to make new friends and learn more than I did last year. It seemed more like a dream than real life!”

- Former camper

Learning the science behind the crime

“The weeks that I spent at science camp were a rare opportunity to explore a topic deeply with expert staff to offer mentorship. Learning to think scientifically with nature surrounding us was incredibly special.”

- Former camper

Crime Scene Investigation: All-Girls STEM Camp
Be part of this exciting girls-only camp where mystery meets science.

 This special girls-only camp brings female campers into the mysterious world of crime scene exploration. Campers will learn how to process many different types of evidence, and even how to use DNA fingerprinting and gel electrophoresis to identify a culprit. Daily puzzles will challenge each student’s ability to think creatively.

Join with fellow campers in the race to know “Who done it?”


Flight Squad
Come to the Montana Learning Center and learn to fly!

Students will use their coding skills and their eye-hand coordination to maneuver a drone through a variety of skill games. They also will learn to fly on a flight simulator with a certified pilot to guide them. Campers will engage in real life experiences, including search and rescue and other competitive, exciting missions.

Come join us this summer and reach for the sky!


The Wonder of Science
Come see how magical science can be!

Campers will be wowed by seemingly unreal experiments in the Magic of Science camp. Students will experience explosions, magically make things disappear, and find that everything is not quite as it seems. Don’t worry, safety goggles will be provided in this camp where anything can happen!


Visualize It 3D
Campers will use programs and tools to create their own 3D models. Campers will learn multiple ways to visualize 3D models, including photogrammetry for replicating real objects, and digital model design, for creating new digital objects. They will explore what makes a 3D movie pop, and how to visualize 3D on a 2D screen. Campers will 3D print, paint and polish capstone projects to take home. 

 What will you make with your new 3D skills?

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