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Camp Tuition Financial Aid

At Montana Learning Center at Canyon Ferry Lake (MLC), we are committed to making camp possible for all students, regardless of ability to pay. If you’re interested in sending a child to one of our summer camps, but can’t afford the tuition, we may be able to help.


If you are interested in receiving financial aid from MLC to help fund a child’s summer camp experience, please provide the following to MLC:


  • An age-appropriate essay from the child as to why they would like to attend camp. For younger children, a handwritten sentence or two with an optional, relevant drawing from the child is sufficient.
  • An essay from you (or, if you are not the child’s parent or guardian, from the child’s parent or guardian), not to exceed 1½ pages (preferably typed), that addresses the following:
    • why you think attending summer camp would be beneficial to the child;
    • why financial assistance for camp tuition is needed; and
    • how much, if anything, you (or, if you are not the child’s parent or guardian, the child’s parent or guardian) could afford to pay towards the child’s camp tuition. (In order to benefit as many children as possible, MLC most often provides financial aid for only a portion of a camp’s tuition.)
  • Proof that the child is covered by the Free & Reduced School Lunch Program, the Montana Child Health Insurance Program or a similar government program that provides financial assistance to children based on economic need.


Completed financial aid materials can be submitted by email to Please use the subject heading “Financial Assistance Inquiry” in your email.

The materials also can be mailed to MLC at 7653 Canyon Ferry Road, Helena, MT, 59602.

All materials must be received within seven days of submitting registration.

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If you have any questions about MLC’s camp tuition financial aid program, please email us at or give us a call at (406) 475-3638.

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